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164th and 165th Sessions of Irfan Colloquium

Bosch Bahá’í School

May 21-24, 2020

(English & Persian sessions)

Main Theme of the Session

Centenary of the League of Nations




The `Irfan Colloquium is a friendly gathering held in an informal and collegial atmosphere, which provides a unique opportunity for meeting and associating with those interested in systematic Baha’i studies. The Colloquium program includes presentations of deeper and systematic studies in fundamental principles of Baha’i beliefs, the Writings of the Central Figures of the Baha’i Faith, and the interface between the Baha’i Faith, current intellectual and religious trends and current challenging issues facing human society. On the occasion of the Bicentennial Celebration of the birth of Bab, the program is particularly open for the presentations of studies in the Writings of the Bab and in the Baha’i Writings regarding His image, status and the impact of His manifestation. Irfan Colloquium sessions in English, Persian and German will be convened in North America and Europe. Proposals for presentations are welcome to be received before the end of 2018.

Please add to your proposal a brief bio, e-mail, telephone number and the Irfan Colloquium Session in which you intend to make your presentation.

Information about `Irfán Colloquium is posted on: